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Rene Lelong ()

Rene Lelong was an illustrator and painter French, born April 1, 1871 in Arrou (France) and  died in 1933 .He won a bronze medal at the Salon of French Artists in 1895 and was a member from 1898. He made ​​posters and illustrated many books and texts.  He was part of the jury in 1925 for the Contest Grand Prize Gustave Doré, alongside Georges Auriol , Carlègle , Maxime Dethomas , Raymond Escholier , Abel Faivre , Renefer , Auguste Roubille , Serveau Clement and René Vincent . He was a professor at the Académie Julian in 1879 to 1891 .He illustrated the following works: Mario Uchard , Uncle Barbassou illustration with B. Borrione, Paris, P. Ollendorff, 1897Alfred Capus , Loser, drawings Rene Lelong, engraved on wood by Georges Lemoine , Paris, P. Ollendorff, 1900 [5]Theodore Botrel , Songs in clogs, George Ondet 1902 [6]Guy de Maupassant , Our heart, Collected Works illustrated by René Lelong, engrave


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Rene Lelong
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