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Horace Mann Livens (1862-1936)

Painter and etcher of interiors, landscapes, townscapes, flowers and poultry. Born 16 December 1862 in Croydon, Surrey, son of a colonial broker. He began studying under Walter Wallis at Croydon School of Art, while working in his father's office in the City. He worked under Verlat at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Antwerp, circa 1885, where he met and became a friend of Van Gogh. Inviting Livens to Paris the following year, Van Gogh wrote: 'Since I am here in Paris I have very often thought of yourself and work. You will remember that I liked your colour, your ideas on art and literature and I add, most of all your personality . I would very much like to know what you are doing and whether you ever think of going to Paris. If ever you did come here . I will share my lodgings and studio with you so long as I have any.. I felt sure at the time that you are a thorough colourist and since I saw the impressionists I assure you that ne


The Artists Dog with Fowl, circa 1900
Horace Mann Livens
The Artists Dog with Fowl, circa 1900  Sold 
Horace Mann Livens
Evangeline  Sold 
Children waiting on the corner of a...
Horace Mann Livens
Children waiting on the corner of a...  Sold 
Fowls, 1896
Horace Mann Livens
Fowls, 1896  Sold