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Frederick William George (1889-1971)

In the spring of 2008 a discovery was made. At the bottom of an overgrown garden of a terraced house in Aberdeen was a large corrugated iron shed, a shed that had not been opened for over thirty years. This shed once served as the studio to the painter, sculptor and designer Frederick William George. Once the door was opened and the cobwebs cleared away, the dim light revealed the world of Frederick George much as he had left it, thirty-seven years before. The artist's cloak still hung on a peg on the back of the door, his brushes and paint, now cracked and dry with age sat on the bench, his easel with an unfinished canvas waiting to be completed sat in front of rows of sculptures and boxes filled with canvasses and sketches. Since his death in 1971, his studio was sealed as a shrine to the man, none of his work was sold, left exactly as he had left it. Dusty sheets covered the contents of many years of work, protecting this time capsul


Head of a girl, cira 1910
Frederick William George
Head of a girl, cira 1910  Sold