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Jean-Jacques Berne-Bellecour (1874 - 1939)

Jean Berne-Bellecour was an official French War Artist attached to the French War Office and he continued the traditional reputation of the Berne-Bellecour family.  For just as the war of 1870 was recorded by his father, the 1914-18 conflict was recorded by his son, Jean.  He not only studied at the Beaux-Arts, and with his father, but was also a favourite pupil of the famous 19th Century French military painter, Edouard Detaille, who firmly believed in him as a future great military painter.As soon as hostilities broke out, Berne-Bellecour was among the first to rally to the Front as a combatant and took part in the Battle of the Marne.  Here, in spite of fine personal heroism, he was able to sketch several scenes in connection with that great historical event, which was met with immediate and enthusiastic success in military circles.  His superior officers applied to the War Office for permission for him to be allo


Two British Officers playing cards...
Jean-Jacques Berne-Bellecour
Two British Officers playing cards...  Sold