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Claude Francis Barry (1883 - 1970)

Much of Barry's early life has been pieced together from letters found in his briefcase after his death. Also in the briefcase – along with a very full passport and his battered old eye-shade – was an unpublished manuscript on painting. This is the source of his quoted pronouncements on life and art. 1883 Claude Francis Barry born in England to British parents1885 His mother dies when he is two years old1897 Goes to Harrow, leaves after two years due to a nervous breakdown1899 Travels to Italy with a doctor - a drawing and painting tour1900 Returns to England where Sir Alfred East R.A tutors Barry1906 First paintings accepted at Royal Academy. Joins Royal Society of British ArtistsExhibits at Royal Society of Scottish ArtistsExhibits at Salon Des Artistes Francais1909 Has a daughter, Kathleen; 1910 Son Rupert is born; 1915 Second daughter Sheila is born1915 R.A submissions show shift from narrative to land


Monte Cassino, circa 1944
Claude Francis Barry
Monte Cassino, circa 1944  For sale 
The Heart of the Empire: Our Finest...
Claude Francis Barry
The Heart of the Empire: Our Finest...  For sale 
London Blitz, 1940
Claude Francis Barry
London Blitz, 1940  Sold