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Henry J Hunt (1867-1951)

Inspite of emigrating to America in 1888 Henry Hunt, who had been trained by his father in London in the art of stained glass, continued to accept commissions in England, including windows for Croydon Airport (officially opened in 1928).  He also submited works for the Royal Academy Summer exhibitions (five examples of which were shown between 1931 and 1941).Hunt settled in Pittsburgh in 1890 where he established the Hunt Stained Glass Studios specialising in the supply of murals, sculpture and stained glass supplying western Pennsylvania and sites across the United States.His watercolours are highly distinctive on account of the rich velvet effect he achieved in this medium and he was equally gifted in tempera painting.

An altercation, circa 1935
Henry J Hunt
An altercation, circa 1935  For sale
St Raphael
Henry J Hunt
St Raphael  For sale
The Frog Prince
Henry J Hunt
The Frog Prince  For sale
The End - Three designs for a tailpiece
Henry J Hunt
The End - Three designs for a tailpiece  Sold 
St. John the Baptist, 1929
Henry J Hunt
St. John the Baptist, 1929  Sold 
St Wenceslas, 1930s
Henry J Hunt
St Wenceslas, 1930s  Sold