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Gil Spear (b. 1879)

Workers Lend Your Strength to The Red Triangle : Help the Y Help the Fighters Fight (United War Work Campaign November 11 to 18) c. 1918
Framed (ref: 5989)
Lithographic poster
27 x 21 1/2 in. (69 x 50 cm.)


This poster shows a young man lifting an anvil, under the gaze of an older man in a YMCA uniform, whilst a soldier in the shadows marches forward, bayonet out. The message of this poster is that young American men could be part of the war effort by joining the YMCA and participating in the United War Work Campaign.
During the war, the U.S. shipped about 7.5 million tons of supplies to France to support the Allied effort. That included 70,000 horses or mules as well as nearly 50,000 trucks, 27,000 freight cars, and 1,800 locomotives. In addition to this, by August 1918 over 1.5 million American soldiers were stationed in Europe.