Modern British Art by Percy Jowett: England, circa 1918 |





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Percy Jowett:
England, circa 1918

Framed (ref: 3570)

Tempera on board, Tryptch, 

25.2 x  29.9 in. (64 x 76 cm.) overall

Tags: Last Romantics TOP 100 war No Mans Land RELIGION WW-1 Paintings

"About this time the Principal [of The Royal College of Art] engaged a part-time teacher who possessed a distinguished personality and this was a significant event for the school.  His name was P.H. Jowett and he had returned from the war and at times suffered from shell-shock.  He visited the school two or three days a week and by the inspiration of his teaching gained our confidence and almost hero worship, transferring his own enthusiasm for drawing, and the beauty of classical construction of the human figure, to all who came under his instruction.  I remember still with clarity, his beautiful selective demonstration drawings, which we eventually cut out and treasured." Unpublished Autobiography of Hugh Finney, 1971, quoted by kind permission of Nicholas Finney

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