Modern British Art by Charles Mahoney: The hearth at Oak Cottage, circua 1938 |





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Charles Mahoney:
The hearth at Oak Cottage, circua 1938

Mounted (ref: 2150)
Watercolour 9 x 7 in. (23 x 18 cm.)

Tags: interiors still lives TOP 100 PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST

Acquired in 1937, Oak Cottage, in Wrotham, Kent, was very much Mahoney’s spiritual as well as actual home. It was also a home for his mother, Bessie, after she left Anerley in 1937. Charles lived at Oak Cottage from 1937-40, during which period he renovated it, and again from 1945 until his death in 1968. Once the garden that he planted had matured, he seldom worked anywhere else. For Mahoney, Oak Cottage had something of the quality with which Stanley Spencer imbued his childhood home, Fernlea; in both cases the frequent pictorial references to elements of the architecture and garden gives the location an almost mystical quality.

Oak Cottage.
Photo credit; with thanks to Fred Hohler.

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