Modern British Art by Winifred Knights: Trees in the Borghese Gardens |





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Winifred Knights:
Trees in the Borghese Gardens

Framed (ref: 1648)
4 x 6 1/4 in. (10 x 16 cm)

Tags: British School of Rome flowers landscape

In a reeded mahogony frame

The Borghese Gardens, situated by The British School at Rome, provided Knights with a setting for many of her Rome School compositions, for instance The Marriage at Cana.  The gardens also provided an area where Knight's could avoid the noise of the city.  In her first letter home from Rome she wrote:

I can’t tell you how lovely Rome is Mother. The gardens are so beautiful and all the plants and trees are different. The school is a beautiful building also. And it is so comforting to come back to English people after all the shrieking foreigners they are a noisy lot. (5th November 1920)

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