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Alan Sorrell (1904-1974)  BIOGRAPHY

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Study for mural for the canteen of... 
£ 320

Study for 'Court of the Worshipful... 
£ 740

Portrait of Evelyn Gibbs, circa 1929 
£ 550

Early self portrait, circa 1925 
£ 760

Istanbul: The Lesser Golden Gate, 1955 
£ 990

Hadleigh Castle 
£ 1510

Study for a reconstruction of the... 
£ 960

Self Portrait in Graduation Gown 
£ 1500

Portrait of the architect Thornton... 
£ 570

Study for 'Court of the Worshipful... 
£ 740

Murals for the canteen of John D.... 

Farm in Iceland, circa 1936 
£ 475

Study for Murals for the canteen of... 
£ 520

WW2, Interior of an RAF dormitory 
£ 940

Study for People Seeking After Wisdom 
£ 1950

Mawgan Porth 1916, Cornwall 
£ 990

The Ramesseum Thebes, 1962 
£ 385

The Lake of Albano and Monte Cavo, 1928 
£ 2090

Hadleigh Castle from the West, c. 1936 
£ 1100

Thors Mead, 1947 
£ 1050

Studies of Mr Turner 
£ 690

Study for a Book jacket design, c. 1920 
£ 1200

Tea time, 1926 
£ 1320

Sheet of studies of an illustminated... 
£ 630

Book jacket design,c. 1920,  
£ 695

Book jacket design, early 1920s 
£ 1540

Vignette with model houses 
£ 300

part 2 
£ 350

Portrait , circa 1927 
£ 460

Dejeuner sur l'herbe 
£ 720

Study for 'St Richard starts out on... 
£ 660

Study for war composition, carly 1940's 
£ 520

The artists wife picking apples 
£ 430

June 12 1933, Kensington Gardens 
£ 430

View from the Roman Forum, 1937 
£ 720

Cyprus Tree 
£ 660

Beach Scene 
£ 480

Study after Raphael, circa 1929 
£ 430

Study for People Seeking After Wisdom 
£ 785

South Harting, August 1929 
£ 1070

Figures planting a tree 
£ 460

Study for The Traveller 
£ 460

A modern church builidng at Hadleigh 
£ 550

Study for The Long Journey, 1936 
£ 2950

Through the Valley 
£ 3700

The Long Journey, 1936 

Sketch for examination competition 

Self Portrait, nov 1928 

Study for People Seeking After Wisdom 

The Evening Signal, 1940 

Self Portrait 

Study for Marching Gun Range and... 

Study for Watch Office 

Sketch for An Aerial View of a... 

Study for An Aerial View of a... 

May Morning 

RAF encampment 

A confusion of symbols, June 24, ’39 

Rochester, (windy day) c. 1918-20 

Stambridge Mill near Rochford 

An Assyrian Lion Hunt 

Study for The Trembling Earth, 1946 

Study for a reconstruction of a... 

Study for 'A Burial Ceremony at... 

Landscape (inscribed “Snowdon from... 

Self portrait, circa 1925 

Study with Shasta Daisies in a Blue... 

Self Portrait  

Study for A Land Fit for Heroes, 1936 

Roman Caerwent - sketch for a... 

Reconstruction drawing: Roman Londinium 

Roman Silchester 

Design for Norman Britain book jacket 

Study for The Nelson Bar 

Study in two sheets for 'Working Boats' 

Men Sandbagging, 1939 

Working Boats from Around the... 

The Postman, sept 1931 

Old Sarum Cathedral Wiltshire 

Rochester, c. 1918-20 

Sudanese Express Passing Abu Simbel 

The Artist in the Campagna, ca 1931 

Train in a Landscape 

RAF Camp, circa 1944 

RAF Camp in the Woods 

RAF Camp, signed and dated 1940, 

Study for the North arch of St... 

The Appian Way, 1932 

Arum lilies 

The Trembling Earth 

Reconstruction of Harlech Castle, 1970 

The Beach at Southend, circa 1950 

Walton-on-The-Naze 1952 (Richard in... 


Near River's Corner Daw's Heath 

Rayleigh, Essex, circa 1948 

Early Self-Portrait, mid 1920's 

Self-Portrait, late 1930s 

Essex landscape panoramic view 

Rebuilding a bomb damaged site 

The Artist's paint-box and sketching... 

Processing the Catch 

Village in Iceland, circa 1934 


View of Hadleigh Castle, c. 1918-20 

Self Portrait (Illustration for The... 

Commercial art studio work, c. 1920 

Portrait of Rosalie Brill , BSR period, 

Study for St. Richard sets out upon... 

The South Downs at Jevington 

Benvenuto Cellini Escaping from Rome 

Tourists at The Teatro Olimpico 

illutration for I Promesi Sposi 

Procession: Rome, 1931 

Study for The Arrival of the First... 


The Dark Wood 

Study for People Seeking After Wisdom 

Study for People Seeking After Wisdom 

Rome, August 1937 

Near Southend, ciirca 1950 

Landscape, 1946 

Study of an arm, BSR period 

Study of a model (clothed and nude) 

Portrait of Reginald Brill 

Sheet of figure studies, circa 1929 

Tourists and running children at... 

The Beach at Bournemouth 

Beach Scene 

Cloud study by night 

Landscape, Peloponnisis 

A Land Fit for Heroes, 1936 

A Cavern in the Clouds, 1944 

Thingvellir, Iceland, 1936